Dry Blood (Blu-ray)

  • Dry Blood (Blu-ray)
  • Dry Blood (Blu-ray)

Written / Produced / Starring Clint Carney
Directed by Kelton Jones
Released 2019 Epic Pictures / Dread

Synopsis: Brian Barnes returns to his mountain vacation home to sober up one final time. Most of the houses of this dwindling community sit empty during the snowless offseason. This ghost town seems like the perfect place for Brian to begin putting his life back together. His attempt to get clean is soon interrupted by a sadistic local Sheriff and ghastly visions of ghosts (that may or may not be hallucinations brought on by his withdrawal). Brian embarks on a terrifying quest to discover the horrible secret past of the very cabin he is sleeping in. As he pulls at the threads to the mystery, it may be his sanity that unravels first.

Blu-ray special features:
- Audio Commentary with Clint Carney and Kelton Jones
- "Remember Not to Kill," the making of Dry Blood
- Trailers
- Reversible cover art