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Premeditated [remastered] (CD)

  • Premeditated [remastered] (CD)

(CD) SYSTEM SYN's first official release (2004), remastered in (2012) and featuring all the tracks from the original release, plus the previously unreleased song "Everything She Wanted," and remixes of "Momentary Absolution" and "Tracing Veins."

01. The Introduction
02. Momentary Absolution
03. Glass
04. Indifference
05. To Be Nothing
06. Halo
07. Would Have Killed
08. Premeditated
09. All That Now has Left Your Reach
10. Tracing Veins
11. Abrasion Collar
12. Momentary Absolution (Imperative Reaction Remix)
13. Tracing Veins (Club Remix)
14. Everything She Wanted (Previously Unreleased)